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Our Process

At Austin Taylor, we’ve transformed the shopping chore to become an enjoyable shopping experience. Every phase of our process has been instilled with the utmost consideration of the client’s time, uniqueness and satisfaction.

Set a personalized appointment at your home, office or our showroom. Clothes can be empowering. Time is a valuable commodity. Spend less time shopping and get better results. We make shopping more personal and flexible, clothes with everything in your size and knowledge of how to wear them.

Your Business and Casual Wardrobe Needs

We want to learn about the way you live your life. We want to know what your business and social environments are like such as do you dress traditional, formal, or business casual. Do you do speaking engagements, charity events, or cocktail mixers? Are travel clothes important? Should clothes be designed for hot or cold weather? These are the types of questions needed to be answered in order to provide a full range of functionality, so that your wardrobe choices are reflective of you, to insure you feel and look best dressed for every occasion.

Fabric and Style Recommendations

After determining your wants and needs, we can then show the appropriate fabrics to educate you on current styles and trends that might help you better develop your personal lifestyle and image.

Take Measurements

A series of measurements are taken to create a pattern to ensure that your clothes feel and drape on your body perfectly. The pattern is then kept on file to simplify future additions to your wardrobe.

Custom Construction

In our process of constructing your custom clothing, no detail is taken for granted. The meticulous nature of our hand craftsmanship allows each garment to conform to your body for a more comfortable and better fit. In some instances a numbering system can be created which entails numbering each coat, pant, shirt and tie, creating a book where we have preselected each combination of your garments for ease of selection. We want to instill confidence and make your wardrobe decisions easy.

Coordinate Outfits

To maximize your wardrobe’s potential and reflect its versatility, we’ll show you numerous ways to coordinate your pieces, as well as choose the proper accessories to enhance your personal style. At Austin Taylor, we make deciding ‘what to wear’ thoroughly easy and worry-free.

Fitting and Delivery

You have the flexibility to have their finished items delivered to their home, office or pick up at our showroom – whichever you find most convenient. When building a pattern it is essential for our first fitting to be done at Austin Taylor. Along with our master tailor Jaime Chimal we will have you try on each piece, where we will make observation, notes, and adjustments to your garment, and pattern for future added pieces. Once this is completed we will make adjustments to deliver your new favorite pieces.

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