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From "944" Magazine:

While the bride is clearly the star of a wedding, grooms are now starting to up their fashion game, steering away from the classic tuxedo and trying new accessories, colors and styles that will truly set him apart from any other man on his wedding day. With help and guidance from Austin Taylor, one of Orange County’s leading custom wardrobe shop for suits and fine clothing, any style can be designed to create the ideal wedding day look.

Austin Taylor opened its doors in 2000 with the goal to make the male clothing buying experience more intentional and value driven. “In taking a consultative approach, I can develop a relationship, learn my client’s preferences and create clothes based specifically on his needs and taste,” says Austin Taylor president Ron Viggiano.

Viggiano says there are many factors that influence the final design and styling features, including the color scheme of the wedding, the season, the location and the overall vibe that the wedding will have. Recent trends have changed in men’s tuxedos from an Italian silhouette (wider shoulder, piped pocket, non-vented coats and multi pleated, fuller knee and cuffed slacks) to a Londonesque silhouette which is younger, hipper and fitted. “This new style is what many call the ‘slim fit,’” Viggiano says. “The shoulders are narrower and have flapped pockets (often angled) with side vents. The pants are flat-front with a very trim knee, a tapered bottom and no cuff.”

To all the newly engaged men looking for a fresh style of tux, toss all the boring options out the window and try a truly sophisticated, classy look for the big day.

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