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Corporate Incentive and gifting ideas

How many companies have utilized our services successfully in the past to reward colleagues and strengthen relationships has been to reward or gift them an outfit (suit, shirt, and tie combinations) as a way of thanking them and furnishing them with a long lasting display of appreciation.

Here are some examples:

  1. Ray Cohen: I was flown to Cancun to make clothes for 16 regional winners of a publicly traded company at their year-end world sales conference. I was told by the CEO that the buzz of the conference was speculation as to what they had needed to produce in order to win the custom clothing prizes. I was then informed that they decided to return many of the other prizes and award 14 others the clothing package. I worked for 2 ½ days straight, no breaks, in order to measure and consult with all 30 prize recipients.
  2. I was sent by hockey agent Mike Barnett to make clothes for a young 17yr old Russian superstar hockey player who was going to be one of the top draft picks in the upcoming draft. The clothes were a surprise from the agent and after making my way into the locker room, I waited for my subject to finish showering. When he approached his locker, wet and with a towel around his waist, I introduced myself to him and explained why I was there. Knowing limited English, he thought for a moment and tried to comprehend what I had said. Then he widened his stance, spread his arms, untucked his towel and exclaimed “measure me”. I had to tell him he didn’t need to be naked.
  3. Tony Thompson: A client wanted me to make several sets of clothes including a white linen suit for his daughter’s upcoming wedding in Cabo San Lucas. The catch was he wanted to lose weight prior. After putting off the appointment until one month before the wedding, he had me measure him and then proceeded to tell me to reduce all my measurements. He promised he would lose 35 lbs in the next 30 days. “I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.” He said “reduce the chest measurements by 2”, the coat waist by 3, pant waist by 2. Do it, promise me you’ll do it.” 28 days later, hours before he boarded his private jet to Cabo, I performed the fitting in his office. He slowly put on the pants and fastened them. He quickly grabbed for his jacket and slipped that on. He moved, he bent, he walked and then said “You didn’t follow my orders”…. He knew something was wrong. “I only lost 12 pounds and it fits perfectly.” I had cut his demands by about a third and nailed it. He then proudly marched throughout his office to a steady stream of compliments in his new white linen suit. The sweat stopped beading on my forehead.
  4. A client asked me to come out to Spring Training. His is the General Manager and Sr. V.P. of an MLB franchise. He said he had some people that he would like to introduce me to. He thought it would be fun to have me over for wine and cheese and have his friends join us for an informal introduction. There were six of us, including me. One, of course was the GM, one pitched in the World Series and had an eleven year career, one was the manager of the previous World Series winner, one was a World Series MVP and one was the “Manager of the Year”. There were five World Series ring owners in the room. We drank eleven bottles of extraordinary wine. They all became clients.

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